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The 4th Europe Forum: Digital Economy between China and Europe

July 17, 2018– The 4th Europe Forum started in Munich with the theme of “Enabling the Future: Ushering in a New Era for the Digital Economy in China and Germany”. Senior government officials, academic experts and entrepreneurs from Germany and China presented their cases on Chinese and German companies’ digital transformation and shared their views on the business trends, prospects and opportunities – as well as the way forward. eviom was glad to attend the forum together with nearly 300 business representatives to learn about the new development of the digital economy between Europe and China.


Vice chairman of CNIC, Mr. Yuxian Zhou pointed out that the golden age for European companies to do business with China is now, where the government’s determination to opening up is at “unprecedented” levels.  With the Chinese economy entering a new stage of high-quality development and the rapid growth of the country’s middle-income consumer group, there are increasing opportunities for European enterprises.


Panel Discussion 1: Embracing Digital Era: Digital Transformation in Sino-German Manufacturing Industry


Two panel discussions also looked at, respectively, digital transformation in the Sino-German manufacturing industry and how businesses in both countries can leverage digital technology. How does Germany’s excellent industrial technology combine with China’s huge market and capital? Which opportunities and challenges are brought about by the digital age? Representatives from SAP, Alibaba, KUKA and other great companies shared their business experience between China and Germany.


Mr. Eberhardt, chief marketing officer of KUKA Robotics, said that China has a large market share in automation and robotics, and cooperation between KUKA and Midea Group is an essential choice.


Panel Discussion 2: Leveraging Digital Technology: Business Applications of Digital Technology in China and Germany


Mr. Cheng, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Germany, shared their development history and pointed out that big data had become very important in today’s society. Every day there are 500 million active user on the Ali e-commerce platform generating tons of data every second. Alibaba hopes to cooperate with more German companies in the future.


Ms. Julia-Caroline Schmidt is head of China business of, which is a successful German e-commerce platform, benefited from cross-border business. She said her company entered Tmall in 2014 and had made direct contact with local consumers. China’s market is higher digitized than other countries and puts higher demands on For this reason 50% of’s annual turnover comes from China these days.


eviom’s Nils & Qingman attended the forum.

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